Interview with Mike Maturen

Mike Maturen is the Vice Presidential nominee for the American Solidarity Party. I had the chance to talk to him via messenger, and I asked him a few questions. He was very nice and was more than happy to answer my questions. Here is the interview:

Q: How would you describe the party platform?

A: I would describe our platform as traditionally conservative. We are socially conservative. On the issue of life, we believe it is more expansive than simply opposing abortion. We believe that life includes having a social safety net. In that regard, we are fiscally moderate. On social justice issues, we line up on the side of life.

Q: Who are you and why should we vote for you?

A: I am a Roman Catholic. I am 51 years old, born and raised in Michigan. Most of my political life, I have been a conservative Republican. Over the past few years, I have become increasingly disappointed in both major parties. I began searching for a new political home that would line up with my faith, my ethics and my beliefs. I found the American Solidarity Party. Why should folks vote for us? We are a party of life. Pro-Life is more than just being anti-abortion. It is about taking care of people in every way, and in every circumstance. We are that party. We are America.

Q: How are y’all doing in terms of ballot access and what is your message to people who don’t like the republican or Democratic Party?

A: Ballot access is a difficult issue. Some states make it next to impossible for third parties to get on the ballot, while others are easier. We will work to get on the ballot in as many states as possible. Others will be write-in states. If folks are not happy with the choices the two major parties offer, I would simply ask that they take a moment and learn about us. Read over our platform, and consider giving us their support.

Q: How do you differentiate yourselves from the republican and democratic platform?

A: We line up with parts of each. Like the Republicans, we are a pro-life party. But, unlike the Republicans, we are FULLY pro-life. Like the Democrats, we believe in a method for taking care of the less fortunate. Both major parties have gone to the extremes left and right. In bowling, we call that “the gutters”. We stay solidly on the lane.

Q: What do you say to people who think that a vote for you is a “wasted” vote?

A: I used to, up until recently, believe that myself. I believe it is essential that we have to be comfortable with our vote. We have to sleep at night. If you have to hold your nose in the voting booth, can you feel good about your vote? I urge all who are not comfortable with the major party candidates, vote your conscience this November. Consider casting your vote for the American Solidarity Party.

Learn more about the party and their platform!


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